I could seriously gush on and on and on about this wedding! It is the wedding of my dear friends Charity & Reece! (You may remember them from their engagement session here & here.) My husband, sister & I travelled from Victoria to South Africa for the wedding, and it really could not have been more magical! Charity and I were planning our weddings at the same time and helped each other out, so I know how much effort was put into the beautiful day.

She is a DIY genius! She and her friends did everything from the flowers, decor, treats & dinner. She made the junior bridesmaids dresses & hairpieces. Not to mention that she made her own wedding dress! She is ridiculous and hilarious and I wish everyone could meet her. She put her heart and soul into this wedding, and it was absolutely amazing. The love that Charity & Reece have for each other is always so evident, but on their wedding day, well you’ll see from the pictures. I love these two to pieces!

Her wedding was so fantastic, Style Me Pretty snapped it up and you can see the feature here and read more about all that went in to this wedding and see even more pictures!

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