We got completely rained out during this adorable¬†family’s reunion photo shoot. We made¬†it work outside in the garden they got married in, with umbrellas and cuddles, but eventually, there was just too much water everywhere. Luckily very close by was the Ogden Point Cafe. Between the warmth, the coffee, and the goodies, I was able to witness the love this family has for each other, and especially for the sweetest little Ashe. Grandma was visiting from Taiwan, and Aunty was visiting from Denmark, and little Ashe and his parents were visiting from Vancouver. Though they don’t see each other all together very often, you would not have been able to tell. Their love and warmth was contagious.

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together, enjoy!

baby peeking out from umbrella - beacon hill park family photographer family cuddles in the rain - beacon hill park family photographer grandpa wipes drool off babys face - victoria lifestyle photographer goodies from ogden point cafe - dallas road family phtoography baby boy looking into camera - victoria child photographer baby boy giving aunt a kiss - ogden point lifestyle family photograph baby surrounded by family sitting on a table - victoria child photographer Grandpa feeding treats to baby boy sitting on a table - ogden point cafe lifestyle family shoot baby staring out a rainy window - ogden point cafe family photographer silhouette of baby boy looking out window - victoria family phtoographer baby boy smiling - victoria family photographer baby leaning against rainy window - ogden point cafe family photographs baby boy leaning against window - dallas road family photographer family cuddling by big windows - ogden point cafe baby boy laughing in mothers arms - victoria lifestyle family photographs baby boy getting kisses from his parents - ogden point cafe family photography baby boy leaning in to camera - dallas road family photographs family cuddling 16 month old - ogden point cafe family photographer baby boy laughing with grandmother - ogden point cafe family photographer Baby surrounded by family, laughing - victoria bc family photographer baby being cuddled by auntie, mom and grandma - dallas road family photography

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