This Summer went zooming fast and my kids changed so much. It brought Everett new words, and Aletheia learned to crawl.  It was HOT, we put that kiddie pool to use and went swimming a lot. There were lots of family photo shoots. We went camping (though we stayed in Victoria!) Auntie Keren visited us from Liberia, Gigi had a birthday. There were sun screen explosions, actual explosions (in the form of fireworks), forest fires that made the whole day look like sunset, and a bit of teething thrown in there. The kids started interacting on a whole new level. As though Everett just realized that Aletheia is a person too.  It was exciting and sweet, and over too soon. We miss you already July! Here’s a sneak peek. Enjoy!

two naked babies playing in a pool with a balloon {Victoria BC baby Photography} little boy watering the yard with a hose in his diaper {Vancouver Island Child Photographer} toddler boy playing with a hose {Victoria BC Child Photography} little boy watching fireworks {Victoria Delta Hotel Family Photography} little boy all covered in sunscreen {Victoria Family Photography} little boy looking at camera with sunscreen all over his face {Vancouver Island Child Photography} ten month old baby looking at camera {Victoria Baby Photography} little boy hiding in hydrangeas {Vancouver Island outdoor family Photography} 8 month old girl grinning at camera {Oak Bay Child Photography} Two year old boy jumping {Oak Bay Family Photography} Little girl and little boy playing on the grass {Oak Bay Victoria Toddler Photography} 8 month old girl sitting on the road {Oak Bay Baby Photography} Two year old boy walking on a road [Oak Bay outdoor toddler photography} Three kids playing in a garden {Oak Bay summer childrens photography} Portrait of an 8 month old baby girl sitting on a bed {Victoria BC On location Baby photography} Little boy sucking on a soother wearing a baseball cap in his diaper {Victoria documentary style on location family Photography} Eight month old baby girl crying {View Royal family & baby Photography} two year old and eight month old brother and sister laughing {South Vancouver Island Documentary Family Photography} Baby girl in a diaper looking at the camera {Southern Vancouver Island family and baby photography} Little boy cuddling aunt, looking at camera {Esquimalt on location family photography} little boy running in his backyard {Victoria BC outdoor family Photography} Grandma blowing out birthday candle {Saanichton BC photography} Baby girl sitting in a bumbo with a bib {Victoria BC baby photography} eight month old trying to crawl {Vancouver Island baby Photography} Mom cuddling baby girl on bed {View Royal family portrait photography} mom cuddling children on bed {Victoria baby and child photography} eight month old sitting in crib {Southern Island Victoria Family Photography} baby girl sitting on bed {Victoria baby photography} Baby Girl attempting to crawl, falling on face {Vancouver Island Family documentary Photography} Baby girl planking {British Columbia natural light Baby Photography} Mom reading to toddlers on couch {British Columbia Family photography}mom and kids sitting on dining room table {Esquimalt BC Family Portraits} baby girl learning to crawl {Esquimalt lifestyle photography} baby girl and big brother playing on a blanket {Victoria BC outdoor family photography} Baby girl chewing on chair {Vancouver Island lifestyle baby photography} Baby girl using chair to stand {Victoria BC indoor family and baby photography} little boy eating a snack {Vancouver Island lifestyle toddler photography} little boy drinking a bottle {Esquimalt BC child photography} little boy looking down {Vancouver Island lifestyle family photography}mom walking with her kids in the woods {Esquimalt Gorge Park Family Photography} baby girl and toddler brother sitting on a trail {Kinsmen Park Family Photography} little boy putting on his boots {Esquimalt toddler photography}


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