Little Monkey is in his 25th week!
I went for lunch with my sister and she was kind enough to take a few more maternity pictures for me.  

Maternity Portrait - Sidney maternity photographer fish and chips - sidney fish on fifth maternity portrait - saanich maternity photographer
/Thoughts this week//
– Baby is now around 34cm long from head to heel!
– Kind of freaking out about not having a name for him yet. Boys names are really hard to decide on! If you have any suggestions, please let me know
– We made our first big baby purchase! A stroller. It was no easy feat. Walking in and looking around at all the choices in strollers was completely overwhelming. But we did it! Next on the list is a baby carrier/carseat. I hear they don’t let you leave the hospital until you prove you have one.
– I get my gestational diabetes test this week! I had it explained to me this way “you drink orange crush with triple the sugar and zero the delicious taste” and then wait an hour and have a blood test. Sounds fun. Fingers crossed that all goes well
– not going to lie, starting to feel pretty big.

//week 24//

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