Brides: I offer a warm and natural take on your wedding, focusing on you and who you love the most. I love to authentically capture the relationships you hold most dear. I aim to create images that are timeless, images that you look back on fondly and images that tell the story of your wedding long after you have forgotten some of the details. When I am with you I am thinking, what is she going to want to show her future great grandchildren, what stories will she want to tell. What is your great grand daughter going to see in your images and want to emulate in her own wedding. What memories is she going to pass on. I aim to create that.


Families: A new mother myself, I can relate to wanting time to stand still sometimes. Wanting to remember how my beautiful son tugs his ear when he is tired, the way my daughter dances every time she hears a melody. How they both need to sleep with a soother in their mouth and one in each hand.The way my husband comforts my kids when they are hurt. The way they rough house. When I am with you, I want to know what it is you want to remember and freeze, and I want to capture that. I love to work with you inside your home, just being you before we head outside for more.

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Victoria Wedding & Family Photography ~ Katrina Massey Photography