I’m engaged to be married to my best friend in the world, Chris! He proposed to me on April 9th.

We had a perfect date that day that included wandering around Chapters, coffee at Paradiso Cafe, and the best dinner I have ever had at Brasserie “L’ecole”. We were expecting our friends to join us for coffee and games at his place that evening, but he wanted to take me for a walk in the park just off his backyard first.

He was making us go so slow, and I was getting nervous that our friends would get to his place and find we weren’t home and leave again. But suddenly I spotted some kids up ahead of us that looked like our friends children. I thought I might be wrong but they suddenly started calling my name and running toward us. They both had flowers in their hands that they pressed in to mine and told me to follow them. Just up ahead, two more little kids, their little siblings were walking hand in hand toward us, also with flowers. It was at that point I noticed my friend Sarah was in the bushes taking pictures of us and I shot Chris a look that said “ok, what are you doing?And why, why didn’t you get me to fix my hair and tell me not to wear my glasses?!” (and then I took them off and shoved them in my coat pocket)

The four kids took me to a picnic blanket that had a final child holding a flower for me, and when I looked up from the blanket I noticed a table set underneath a cherry blossom tree. It was set with the largest vase of flowers, candles, and champagne glasses. Our friend was dressed as a waiter and was offering us some champagne & then I heard a guitar strumming softly in the bushes. (our other friend was hiding to serenade us). Chris then got on one knee in front of me and among other beautiful things, he asked me to marry him.

Here are a few pictures, thanks so much to Sarah Montes of Montes Photography for being there to capture this for us.

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So there’s the story! We are very excited and happy and we are planning on tying the knot on July 24th of this year!

And we have the great Sean Flanigan coming to photograph it! We were recently down in Seattle where he took our engagement pictures, here are a few of those. For more visit his blog!

wedding wedding k_c_portrait1007 wedding wedding


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