Week 26. Seemed like a very long week. Probably has something to do with the weather. Cloudy and drizzly for the most part. Next week looks promising though. Thanks to my sister and back up photographer Tamara for the pictures. 

26 weeks pregnant lady - elk lake maternity photography

pregnant woman in a field - elk lake maternity photographer IMG_8293_zps06dd2c9a pregnancy portrait - elk lake pregnancy photographer pregnant woman by a lake - elk lake maternity photographer
pregnant woman sitting in the rain - elk lake maternity portraits pregnant woman standing in the rain - elk lake maternity portrait photography portrait of a girl looking at a lake - elk lake portrait photographer
pregnant belly - victoria pregnancy photographer
pregnant lady drinking hot chocolate on a dock - victoria maternity photographer
maternity portrait by a lake - Elk Lake maternity photographer//Thoughts this week//
– We passed the 100 days left mark. I think we’re at 93 or something
– Baby seems to love kicking on my left side. Sometimes it tickles.
– Came across this blog this week – “Reasons My Son is Crying” – pretty hilarious. Wondering if that will be my little one / hoping it won’t be.
– Gestational Diabetes test was terrible. The drink really is bad. And the wait at the office is worse. They should give special chairs and blankets for people forced to wait in the waiting room for hours on end. Also popcorn.
– Next week I enter the last trimester.

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